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After speaking with FHI and being told about, I went to the website to look for the hair dryer I wanted. I found it and on top of the page their was a promo code saying there was 20% sitewide that ends EOD 11/15/2012.

Seeing that I had the rest of the day for this great promo, I went about my day and when I came back a couple of hours later (early afternoon) the promo was gone. I called them and Isabel answered. She couldn't help me because she said they have nothing to do with the promos and its a different company that puts them on and off. Not once did Isabel offer another solution for me.

Instead she was just rude. So, we ended the call. After a few minutes, I was still frustrated by Isabel's horrible "customer service" so I called back. Asking to speak to a manager, she said she doesn't know when they will be available.

nor when they might ever call me back. So, she also suggested that I call back if I didn't want to leave my name/number. Yes, I was frustrated, and I didn't know if I wanted to leave my info, but I decided I'd do it. As I was going to do so, she hangs up on me!!!

I called Isabel back and told her she was very rude. In a horrible tone, she says whats you name and number! So, I left it with her. Afterwards, I decided to look at other avenues to get a hold of the manager.

I went to their facebook page and left a comment, saying they have horrible customer service and asked to speak to a manager. They deleted it. I left another, they deleted it... and another which was deleted and then they blocked me from entering comments on their page.

Then I took the route of emailing their customer service. Letting them know I had horrible customer service and asked to speak to a manager. Their reply was useless...asking how they can help with the order I placed. I never said I placed an order, I said I want to speak to a manager!!!

After 10 emails back and forth, I finally said have a manager call me and left my number. Candice calls me and wasn't great at all. She said facebook is not an avenue for customer complaints. Wow, so they actually spend so much time on facebook and are SO QUICK to remove the comments that are negative, but take FOREVER to have a manager call you back!

How terrible is this? She did not apologize once for her employers rude behavior. I even mentioned this to her and she said sorry, but do you think it was sincere? Of course not!

I do appreciate that she did honor the 20% off the product, but no thank you for buying was even said. This place needs a makeover BADLY! Horrible, horrible, horrible. Is all I can say about this company.

FHI please find someone else to be your authorized dealer, PLEASE!

I really didn't want to place the order, but I wanted the hair dryer...even though this kind of service 99% of the time turns me away from buying, this 1% was out of desperation that I really needed the hair dryer and they are FHI's only authorized dealer. I hope they do not abuse the product I bought before sending it to me.

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Update: 11/29/12 - Jason called me from this company. He was extremely sorry for what I went through.

I do want to thank him for his time and effort in what he has offered me. If I do ever need anything from this company, I will work with Jason as he was a pleasure to talk to.

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