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Do not use this website. This was the worst website I had ever used.

Three days after I canceled my order I had an email informing me that they had shipped the item. Once I called UPS they informed me that the package had not even left the warehouse. They had the worst customer service, rude customer representatives, and were unhelpful in emails accusing me of not canceling in a responsible amount of time while the representative I spoke to told me they hadnt even checked the email from Saturday by that Tuesday.

They sent the email telling me that they had shipped the products 20 minutes after the informed me the item had been shipped. It feels like a big scam and I will be continuing to be in communication until I have my money back in my account.

Monetary Loss: $40.

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I'm pretty sure that Beauty Choice is a scam. I ordered two products from them totaling to over $100, like many of you i thought BC was a trusted cosmetics retailer because of all the youtube gurus who promoted it and said they got their products from it.

I placed my order and received a confirmation order not long after. After a couple of days i recieved another email from them, saying:

"The order that you recently placed through our website will require verification before the item(s) are shipped. Verification is required on all orders that are flagged by our merchant provider or by our online fraud detection system. These systems are in place to protect our customers privacy and to prevent fraudulent orders.

In order to confirm your order, please send a scanned copy of your credit card and identification to us at Your order will not be dispatched we are able to determine the authenticity of this order. If you provided a valid phone number or email with your order please note that we will also be trying to contact you directly."

I have never in all my online shopping experience been asked to provide a scan of my credit card/photo identification. Straight away i started realizing this could possibly be a scam. I searched it up on the internet and found many people unhappy with the customer service, or money had been taken out of their account with no products being sent and they don't get any of their money back. Thankfully BC had not taken money out of my account yet.

I called my bank/credit card company and they advised me to cancel my credit card so that no one is able to take money out of it and they could issue me a new one. Then i emailed beauty choice and informed them that i would NOT be sending them a scan of my credit card and photo identification because i just did not feel comfortable doing so and if this were the only way i could get my products then i needed them to cancel my order.

It sucks that i won't be getting the things i ordered because i was actually really excited for them. But there are many other cosmetic retailers online who are not dodgy. I recommend anyone who is in the situation i am to NOT SEND THEM your details and to cancel your credit card asap.


I am definitely not sure if is running a scam or not. However, my credit card was stolen, and I called them immediately about the issue.

I must say they did credit my statement back per Credit Card Company and it reflected the exact amount; therefore, I hold them in good standard with me.

Thank you, Beauty choice.

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